A Coffee Symphony

In the Northeastern U.S., this time of year is a magical time for sight and sound. As we conclude autumn with its magnificent rows of colorful foliage, we segue into a cooler part of Fall engaging with all the holiday trappings which await. It reminds us of how fortunate we are to be blessed with such sensory abilities to enjoy this time of year. While the visual ques of autumn leave us, we start to surround ourselves with the sounds and scents of what the next few months will bring. Perhaps as your home cools with the outside temperature falling, you’ll be hard pressed to not have a pot of mulled spice cooking on the stove. A concoction which permeates the home with all the wonderful smiles and optimism of years gone by, watching your grandmother walk towards you carrying that cup of grandmotherly love. How happy she was just to have you drop by for a few minutes! I bet she is still talking and yet to take a breath. Maybe the thoughts of Thanks giving and the upcoming feast prepared weeks in advance conjure up memories of a warm and simmering turkey with stuffing slowly coming together in your oven. Anxiously need to bring joy and happiness to all your guests. You can hear the ooh’s and ahh’s now emanating from the kitchen!

Whatever the memories that the upcoming holiday sights, sounds and scents bring to you, they often remind me of the trappings of my favorite cafe. The symphonic sounds of the café’s orchestra in waiting never disappoint. How incredible it is when a rapidly opened front door with “that” set of clanging bells instantly becomes the catalyst for one’s unbridled expectations of a simmering cup of single origin grown with a smile? Listen to its percolation and hankering to dive into your cup while you are unable to “unhear” it’s desire. Perhaps it’s the sound of a masterfully steamed milk pitcher of an aspiring swan with the intermittent slurp of a latte to be. Carrying with it the promise of your best day ever to come. How beautiful the sound of a porcelain cup and saucer joining together as one, near the end of the coffee bar, all because you took it “to stay”, today! The Calendly gods were looking out for you. Your barista oddly takes on a Yo-Yo Ma likeness as he slides the married cup and saucer, slowly towards you. His team’s purpose for the day has been met. All the while, reinforcing it with a cry of: “Sarah with an ‘H’, your drink is ready”. The trumpets have sounded. The comforting sounds need not come from your café counter as they can just as easily emanate from the BUN drip machine of your favorite breakfast counter. The handle flips of a spigot to open the rivers of an 8 O’clock blend finding its new home in your mug of deliciousness. The metal lids of the dutiful creamers opening and closing with the precision of a high-hat drum set never sounded so in lockstep. Lest we forget the tearing of a 2 pack of sugar commanding the respect of any set of maracas. It beckons that age old question: “how do you get to the coffee counter?” …………….” with practice!” So, while the holiday season is upon us and we await all of it for new memories to be, keep an eye, ear and nose out for those daily melodious senses of goodness. They are always present with the dawn of each gift of the day to us. The café music of a rainy Tuesday sounds and feels as wonderful as a sunny and cloud-less Wednesday. Stay present and let tomorrow deal with itself. The sights, sounds and aromas of today are just too good to move beyond.

Dalgona Coffee in Glass
Barista Pouring Coffee
Close up of Coffee Machine